Turbotax Coupons & Service Codes

logo turbotax topExclusive Discounts on all Editions: File your taxes with America’s most popular tax preparation software, and save up to 20% while you’re at it. Choose the “Free” version for simple tax returns, or get a discount by applying one of our TurboTax service codes below.

Top 9 deals & coupons for TurboTax:

  • Get a $10 discount on any edition if you purchase before tax season starts in January.

  • Great for simple / 1040EZ tax returns. Free Federal efile included.

  • There most popular version. Homeowners, parents, etc.

  • Best for those with investments, capital gains, or rental properties.

  • Recommended for those with home / small businesses. Can create forms for employees. Apply service code.

  • Maximum refund for students. Click to apply online discount.

  • Intuit’s TurboTax will detect your Mac / Apple computer or iPhone. No service code needed.

  • Do your taxes and efile from your iPhone, mobile device, or smartphone.

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Where to Enter a Service Code at TurboTax.com

Good news: to take advantage of a coupon or discount this year, you no longer need to enter a code. Just click on a link above, and the discounted price will be shown on the product(s) at TurboTax.com.

Remember, the best codes and discounts are available earlier in the tax season. As the tax deadline approaches most coupons are capped at 10% off.

Which Edition is Best for You?

With tax preparation software, one size doesn’t fit all. Make sure you get all of the deductions that you qualify for by choosing the right version. Here’s a brief overview of what each edition of their software offers:

  • Federal Free Edition – Great for simple 1040EZ/A tax returns. Look for their promotion that includes free state filing in 2016. Remember, all editions include free eFile!
  • Deluxe Edition – Their most popular edition, TurboTax Deluxe is a must for those with kids, home, or medical expenses. Mac or PC
  • Premier Edition – The main advantage of this version is that it covers the sale of stocks and bonds, which cheaper versions don’t. Get exclusive service codes above!
  • Home & Business – If you have a small business, are a sole proprietor, or own a rental property, this is probably your best bet. Get coupon above.
  • Student Edition – Students may qualify for significant education tax credits and deductions.
  • TurboTax Canada – For those who are North of the border, click for the best price here. cliquez pour la version française ImpôtRapide
  • Basic Edition – No longer available. We recommend the Deluxe Edition as a great alternative.

Use a coupon for any TurboTax Edition

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I always recommend using a coupon for one of the “non-free” versions of TurboTax for the best deal, and skipping the “free” version unless you have a very simple tax return. You’re likely to make up the cost of the software quickly with deductions that you couldn’t have gotten with the free version.

“To Free, or Not to Free?” That is the Question

When something free is presented to us, such as free bourbon chicken sample at shopping mall Chinese restaurant, it is hard to resist. However, consider that the Free edition is meant for very simple tax returns, such as for students, or those without children or a mortgage. (Filed as 1040EZ/A)

When you think about it, paying $50-100 up front is a better investment than going cheap and potentially losing out on thousands of dollars of deductions. Much of the time the small investment in the “Deluxe” or “Premier” edition is a good one, and will more than pay for itself in the tax deductions that it finds.

$0 “Free” filing for Federal and State Returns with TurboTax

For the first part of 2015, TurboTax is offering an unheard of promotion: “Absolute Zero. Free Federal, plus free State file.” The significant part of this promotion is that the state filing fees have never been “free” before! Not sure how long that will last, but simple tax returns pay $0 for now. Also, note that the prices quoted on this page appear to be the lowest online; even better than the discounted price you’ll be offered through major financial institutions.

Help, My Coupon Isn’t Working

The coupons above are time-sensitive, which is the main reason a coupon might not work. Discounts vary during tax season and shrink as you approach the tax deadline on April 15th, but are the same for both Mac & PC. Tip: If you want the best discount possible, get an early jump on your taxes in the beginning of the tax season!

Look for the TurboTax Pre-Order Discount

Although an actual discount isn’t available after the October 15th deadline, you can pre-order any edition of TurboTax for the following tax year, and get a coupon for $10 off. (See above)