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TurboTax Bank of America Discount? Save Up to $20!

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If you are a Bank of America customer you have access to a number of exclusive promotions and offers for popular online tax products like TurboTax. However, the Bank of America TurboTax discount doesn’t work like a regular coupon, and you might need to have an account at to get it.

Here’s what Bank of America customers should know about getting cash back or a discount on TurboTax for the 2022 and 2023 tax year.

Bank of America TurboTax Cash Back Deal:

Did you know that you can get cashback from your TurboTax purchase if you are a member of Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals?

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Here’s how Bank of America clients can get 10% cash back from your online purchase of TurboTax:

  1. Login to your Bank of America online banking account
  2. Under “Accounts,” click cashback and coupons
  3. Search for TurboTax under “Available” offers
  4. Buy TurboTax through the link with your Bank of America credit or debit card
  5. You’ll get 10% cash back on your TurboTax purchase

You can check cash back deals anytime through the Mobile Banking app or by logging in to Online Banking.

Bank of America TurboTax Discount:

Alternatively, you may be able to get a discount for TurboTax directly from Bank of America online at this page (if available) or via email.

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Expired Bank of America discount for TurboTax

If the online discount isn’t available look for an email from Bank of America sent early in tax season that contains a discount for TurboTax online or software download.

The email should contain a special affiliate link specific to Bank of America, and when you click it the coupon will be activated. For details on how to get a TurboTax partner discount, click here.

We Also Have a Great Discount on TurboTax!

If you aren’t a Bank of America customer or prefer to just get an instant discount online we can help. We’ve been given an exclusive TurboTax discount to promote, and we’re happy to pass it on to you.

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Click to apply discount

Just click above to apply today’s best coupon for up to a $20 discount on TurboTax online products including Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed.

More TurboTax Bank Discounts

So, you don’t have a Bank of America account, or the Bank of America TurboTax discount is unavailable? No problem. There are a number of other ways to get a discount on TurboTax. In fact, we post the best TurboTax discounts here. Plus, the following financial institutions and banks like Vanguard or Robinhood might have their own exclusive affiliate discounts with TurboTax.

Regardless of whether you get a discount on TurboTax from Bank of America or elsewhere, I hope we’ve helped you get the best deal possible.

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