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How to create invoices in Quickbooks plus templates: If the customer pays you at the time of the sale, just use a sales receipt. However, if your customer has not yet paid, you’ll want to create and send an invoice.

Are you already a Quickbooks Online customer? If so, just keep reading and learn how to customize your invoice with their templates. If not, you can try it free or learn how to use their free tool to create a free invoice now:

Heres a 2-minute video from Intuit that demonstrates how to create and customize an invoice with Quickbooks Online by using their template gallery:

How to create an invoice in Quickbooks:

In case you didn’t catch everything in that video, here are the highlights:

Creating a new Quickbooks invoice:

Ok, here we go. Log into your Quickbooks account to get started.

  1. Select the customer you are invoicing. If it’s a new customer, just click “save” under his name to add the name to your customer list
  2. Terms allow you to stipulate when the payment is due. For example, “NET 30” means that the customer has 30 days to pay (or else!)
    create quickbooks invoice
  3. Select the product or service that you are invoicing the customer for
  4. Under Product / Service Information / Sales Information, enter in details about what you are selling, including the sales price
  5. Be sure that your customer’s email address is entered at the top of the invoice in the “Cc / Bcc” field
  6. Want to see how your customer will see the invoice? Preview your invoice to make sure your it looks good before you send it. If the invoice looks plain, we recommend adding your logo!

Tip: Remember to save your work as you create an invoice!

How to Customize Your Invoice

How does your invoice look? You can preview it from the “Print or Preview” tab at the bottom of Quickbooks.

No one likes to get an impersonal, plain invoice. For this reason, we recommend giving it a little color and style. Besides just adding your logo, you have a number of design options and invoice templates available. Choose the customize tab at the bottom of the Quickbooks interface to get started!

quickbooks how create invoice

Adding your logo:

  1. After you click, customize, choose “Make logo edits” from the Design tab
  2. Select your logo file from your computer. Choose small, medium, or large size.
  3. Quickbooks will match the template colors with your logo. If you would like to select a different color from your logo, just click that color on your logo preview

Tip: At this time you can also change the font used in the invoice. Do you feel that the font you are using is appropriate for your business?

Selecting an Invoice Template

Want a different design for your invoice? Choose from a number of free Quickboks invoice templates. Here’s how:

  1. Under the design tab, choose, “Dive in with a template.”
  2. Choose an invoice template from one of their categories
  3. Use the tabs (Content, etc.) next to design to further customize your invoice template

Online Payments

OK, your Quickbooks invoice should almost be ready to send. Before you do, you should have your payment options set. Here’s how:

  1. Confirm your cellphone # and email address
  2. Choose payment methods.
  3. Once you have your payment methods established, Quickbooks will add a “pay now” button to your invoice(s)

Subject / Body of Invoice email

You can now change the subject and body of the invoice to anything that you’d like. This is a good chance to make your customers feel appreciated.

Tip: No one wants an invoice from a robot! Make sure you say, “thanks” in the invoice, and include a little personalization (if appropriate) when creating a Quickbooks invoice.

For example, if you own an online shop or provide services, maybe mention a couple of specifics so they don’t feel like just a number.

Did you customize the subject and/or body of the invoice email? If it looks good, you are ready to send your invoice.

Quickbooks Invoice Templates

quickbooks invoice templates

If you already use Quickbooks, you’ll have easy access to free Quickbooks Online invoice templates.

Just select the Quickbooks template gallery and choose from categories like: “Airy, Modern, Fresh, Bold, and Friendly.” (Sorry, “no pay me now, you deadbeat!” category) Make sure the invoice looks professional, but still 

If you haven’t signup up yet, you can still use their free tool to create a template.

  • Create a free invoice: Use their free online invoice generator here
  • Quickbooks free trial: Try all the featured of Quickbooks Online free for 30-days, with no credit card required. Click here, then choose “free trial” for any software
  • Quickbooks coupons: If you decide to buy Quickbooks, we have coupons for 30-50% off Quickbooks software including Self-Employed! View all

Sending a Quickbooks Invoice

Are you happy with the invoice you created from one of their design templates? If so, you’re ready to send it via email.

After you send the invoice, your customer can pay you securely right away by clicking the “pay invoice” button. As soon as they pay the invoice, you’ll see their payment under, Sales Transactions,” and the money will be credited to your bank account.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you accept credit cards, there is a fee of about 3% which will come out of the payment total. For that reason, the amount that hits your bank account will be less than the actual amount in the invoice that you created.

In Conclusion…

That’s all! I hope you found creating an invoice with Quicktime easy, and take advantage of one of their invoice templates. If you like Intuit products, we also have exclusive coupons for Quickbooks Online or Checks, plus Turbo Tax. including their Self-Employed edition. Thanks for reading! 

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