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When to Expect Your IRS Refund: How Long Will it Take?

How long it takes to get your tax refund: So, you got your taxes filed before the April deadline? Nice! The average refund check from the IRS is for about $3100, so hopefully the IRS is going to write you a fat check.

So, when should you expect your IRS refund check in the mail, or direct-deposited into your bank account? While the short answer is about, 2 weeks for direct deposit, or 3 weeks by mail,” here’s a helpful chart based on when the IRS receives your tax return.

When to expect your IRS refund check (mail) or direct deposit:

how long to get tax refund chart

A few things to keep in mind about how long will take to get your refund

Note that those who choose direct deposit for their tax refund will receive it about a week sooner than if is mailed.

Also, these estimates are based on the efile of your taxes through an accountant, or tax prep software like TurboTax (get a coupon) or H&R Block (get a coupon). There’s no option to expedite the process, (wow, how democratic!) and frankly, it’s pretty amazing that the IRS can get through millions of tax returns as quickly as they do. Maybe that’s one less reason to not hate taxes so much!

How long IRS refund checks are good for?

So, if you opted to have an actual check mailed to you, know that IRS checks are valid for exactly one year. Having said that, some banks will refuse checks after 180 days, but why would anyone wait that long to deposit a refund check?!

*Did you know that 22% off all Americans wait until the final two weeks before the April deadline to file their taxes? If you are one of these procrastinators, you may have to wait an extra day or two for your refund, as they can get backed up!

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    I just efiled my taxes, so I’ll expect to get my irs refund check in 3 weeks, or I’ll post again here to complain. thanks

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