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H&R Block Cost: Prices & Fees for Online, Software + In-Office • 2020

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H&R Block costs: You know that H&R Block (coupons) is one of the most well-known and respected names in taxes, but you may not know how much it really costs to file your taxes with them.

The first thing you should decide is whether to file your taxes with software (download or CD), online, or in-office at one of their hundreds of locations nationwide. Then, you’ll need to add the cost preparing and filing your State taxes.

Here’s how much H&R Block costs:

Software Download | Online | State Costs | In-Store (CD) | In-Office

1. Software Download:

The most popular and inexpensive way to file your own taxes with H&R Block is by downloading their software online. This method also seems to include the most features for each edition.

hr block download cost

Here are the retail prices for H&R Block download:

  • Basic Online: $29.95
  • Deluxe Online: $54.95
  • Premium Online: $74.95
  • Premium & Business: $89.95

*You must also add the cost of State to this pricing.

Tip: You can significantly lower the cost of all editions of H&R Block software download when you use a coupon:

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2. H&R Block Online:

hr block online costs
  • Free Online: Free (If you qualify)
  • Deluxe Online: $49.99
  • Premium Online: $69.99
  • Self-Employed Online: $104.99

*You will also have to add the cost of State to these prices

Tip: Want a lower price for H&R Block Online? Use one of these coupons and key codes!

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3. H&R Block State Cost + Filing Fees:

In addition to the cost of preparing and filing your Federal taxes, you also have to account for State costs and fees.

Here are H&R Block’s State Costs:

  • State Software: $39.95
  • State E-file: $19.95 (each state)

Tip: H&R Block often bundles their State software with editions such as Deluxe and Premium. If state is included, you’ll see “Plus State” in the product name.

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4. H&R Block: In-Store Software (CD or DVD) Cost:

h r block tax software

Do you still prefer to buy H&R Block software on a disc (CD/DVD)? No problem, but buying H&R Block in the box will usually cost you more than the download version.

So, exactly how much does the CD cost? The prices for H&R Block software vary store to store at locations like: Staples, Best Buy, and Target, but generally costs $5-20 more than download.

Tip: If you prefer to buy H&R block CD or DVD in the box, Costco may have the lowest price, especially early in the tax season.

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4. H&R Block In-Office (In-Person) Cost + Fees

So, you would rather have an actual human do your taxes? No problem, as H&R Block has about 12,000 retail locations throughout North America.

However, H&R Block now offers “up-front pricing” so that you can determine the cost before you get a bill. Here are the latest prices to have an H&R Block tax professional prepare and review your taxes in-office:

H&R Block In-Office Pricing:

hr block pricing in store

Federal Base Prices:

If you fit into two or more of these categories, the higher base price applies:

  • Simple: ($59) You rent and have W-2 income only
  • Complex Income: ($99) You have income other than a W-2
  • Student or Retired: ($139) You paid student loans or tuition, or collected retirement income
  • Family: ($169) You have dependents such as children. *Needy cats or small dogs don’t count!
  • Homeowner: ($189) You have a mortgage

*State tax return is an additional $59 cost.

If applicable, add extra costs to the in-office base prices above, including these fees:

  • Child tax credit: +$45
  • Earned Income Credit: +$45
  • Interest Income: +$30
  • Sold Stock: (1099-B) +$50
  • Misc Income: (1099-Misc) +$30
  • Rental Property: (Schedule E) +$120
  • Business Expenses: (Schedule C) +$160
  • Home Office Deduction: +$50
  • Filing an extension: +$99
  • For more costs, see menu above

As you can see, the cost of additional items and deductions are added on a la carte. This means that if you have complex taxes, your final cost could be much more than the Federal base prices above.

Q. What’s the Average Cost of H&R Block In-Office Tax Preparation?

According to CPA Practice Advisor, (2019) the average person who itemizes deductions pays about $273. If you don’t itemize, expect to pay about $177.

However, if you own a business, a rental property, or have more complicated taxes, expect to pay more.

block selfFor example, after meeting with a CPA at my local H&R Block, I received an estimate of $450 as a self-employed homeowner with investments and business expenses. That estimate was right in-line with the average cost to file with H&R Block based on that criteria.

How much will it cost you to have a tax professional prepare your taxes? Use the menu above to estimate, and then you can get a specific price at your local H&R Block office.

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H&R Block: Total Cost is Determined By the Complexity of Your Tax Return

Everyone’s tax situation if different, and so it seems is the cost. Please use the information above for an educated estimate as to what your own personal taxes will cost to file this year. If you have any tips or advice about H&R Block cost, please drop us a line as a comment below.

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