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H&R Block Offers Tax Refund Bonus on eGift Card (2018)

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H&R Block refund bonus for (2018) If you file your taxes online with H&R Block, you’ll have the option of putting a percentage (or all) of your tax refund towards an egift card for If you do, H&R Block will add a 5% bonus to the card.

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Here’s how the promotion works:

  1. Click to apply the discount at
  2. e-file your taxes through H&R Block (Basic, Deluxe, Premium, or Self-Employed editions)
  3. You must have a federal tax refund
  4. Decide the amount of your refund that you want to put towards an gift card
  5. Amazon will add 5% to the e-gift card total

Example: if you choose to use $400 of your refund towards, you’ll get a 5% bonus, resulting in a $420 e-gift card to add to your account

The H&R Block Refund Bonus

You’ll see mention of the discount on the product page like this: (scroll down under the products) 

amazon hr block refund bonus promotion

* gift cards are available in any $100 increment up to $5000

Any amount of your federal tax refund not designated to the gift card will be disbursed to you based on your refund preference. (checking account or other) 

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