accountants salary by state

Salaries for Accountants & CPAs: Best (and Worst!) 15 States

Average salaries for accountants and CPA’s by state: Accountants are generally paid well when compared with other professionals with similar education requirements. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for accountants and auditors was $68,150 ($32.76 per hour) in 2016, and their salaries are expected to rise another 3.7% in 2017. […]

irs phishing bait

IRS Announces “Don’t Take The Bait” Campaign Against Phishing

You may have heard that the IRS a number of partners in the tax industry have joined forces, forming the “Security Summit,” to fight tax fraud and identity theft. Last year, the Security Summit launched a “Protect You Clients; Protect Yourself” initiative, and the latest effort from this campaign is called, “Don’t Take the Bait.” Don’t Take the […]

military family flag

The Military Spouse Act: 5 Tax Tips for Military Spouses

Military Spouse tax deductions: If your husband or wife is a serviceman, life can be a little confusing. There’s no doubt that this nomadic lifestyle can put extra stress on the family household and everyday life. But still, working in the military is one of the most honorable jobs in America, and so you somehow […]

tax return scams

Tax Return Scams: 4 Ways Hackers Can Take Your Tax Refund

Hackers can target your tax returns year-round: While most of us grit our teeth and file our taxes before the April deadline, those who filed for an extension have until mid-October to file their taxes. To hackers, this means that “hunting season” is year-round when it comes to tax scams and attacks. So, I guess you […]

bike to work tax credit

Bike to Work? How To Get a $240 Credit For Your Commute (Tax-Free!)

The qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement: Biking to work offers obvious health and financial benefits, but did you know your employer will actually pay you to bike to work? It’s true. There’s a under-utilized tax benefit called the “qualified bicycle commuting reimbursement” for employees who ride their bikes to work. Here’s how it works: The “Qualified Bicycle Commuting Reimbursement” In addition […]