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TurboTax Pricing: Online, LIVE + State eFile Cost • 2023

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TurboTax is America’s #1 tax software with an incredible 73% market share. (source) Even though there are cheaper tax software brands than TurboTax choosing the best is probably a good investment.Plus, they guarantee to get you your maximum refund, so you can think of the expense as an investment.

While commercials state that TurboTax is free, it actually isn’t for most people. That’s because you have to buy the software and pay additional State eFile fees. Let’s look at how much it costs to prepare and file your tax return with TurboTax including their Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed Online Editions with optional LIVE and Full-Service plus Software Download in 2023.

TurboTax cost: How much? | 2023 pricing | Best price

TurboTax Cost:

How much is TurboTax? TurboTax charges $29-399 plus additional State fees depending on your unique tax situation and preferences.

The cost of TurboTax depends on:

  1. Which TurboTax edition you buy: Deluxe, Premier, or Self-Employed
  2. Whether you choose to file online or download software
  3. Whether you want the expert help of LIVE or Full-Service
  4. When you file: Pricing is lower early in the tax season (before Feb. 20th!)
  5. State fees: a $20+ state eFiling fee applies for each state

TurboTax amended return cost? There is no extra fee to amend a return prepared with TurboTax unless it requires that you upgrade to a different version (source)

Let’s look at pricing for TurboTax products including Online, software download, LIVE, and Full-Service, plus how to get the best deal.

TurboTax Pricing + State eFile for 2023:

turbotax pricing for 2023

Here’s how much TurboTax costs now with our discount applied for the best price:

DELUXE:$69 $64$139 $134$269 $259
PREMIUM:$129 $114$219 $204$409 $394

TurboTax Full Service Business for S-corps, partnerships, and multi-member LLCs costs $1499 $999 + $64 per state.

Download/CD: Basic: $50, Deluxe: $80, Premier: $115, Home & Business: $130

*State efile cost: TurboTax State costs an additional $59 per online state return. Software Download includes up to 5 federal e-files and 1 state download. Additional states cost $45 each


One of the most important factors when estimating the cost of TurboTax is whether you would benefit from the help of a live tax expert which is included in the LIVE and Full-Service versions. It’s a huge help for a lot of people but does add a significant expense to the total cost.

Either way, buying TurboTax online at turbotax.intuit.com and using our featured discount (view all) yields the best price for their Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed editions including LIVE and Full-Service.

Remember to file early in the tax season if possible, as TurboTax products are cheaper and they charge less for State eFile before February 20th.

While we can’t help you avoid taxes, we can at least get you the lowest price on TurboTax which is something! Not sold on TurboTax? No problem, as we have exclusive discounts for H&R Block and TaxAct (cost?) as well.

This page was created in 2022 and recently updated with TurboTax 2023 pricing. Thanks for stopping by Mighty Taxes, and good luck with your taxes!

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