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TurboTax Service Codes, Partner Discounts: Deluxe, Premier • Nov. 2020

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Best Turbo Tax coupons and service codes: Mighty Taxes has an exclusive partner discount directly from Intuit that should help you get the best possible price on all TurboTax software including Deluxe, Premier, Self-Employed, and Business. Those with simple taxes can even file for free, including free State e-File early in the tax season!

Here are today’s best deals plus everything you need to know about how to use TurboTax service codes.

TurboTax: Best Coupons | What’s a Service Code? | Using a Code | Coupon Not Working? | Partner Discounts

Best TurboTax Discount Codes, Coupons 2020:

turbotax service code 2020 mighty taxes

While simply clicking one of the coupons below will apply the discount, it’s also possible to use a service code.

About Service Codes:

What is a Service Code? A TurboTax service code is 7-digit alpha-numeric code issued directly to customers by a TurboTax customer support agent over the phone for “special circumstances” including a specific discount, credit, partial-refund, or free product. Service codes are non-transferrable, and will expire on October 15th, 2020.

You probably don’t need one! Most customers will not need to enter a service code as simply clicking on a partner discount should apply the advertised savings like this:

turbotax service code applied
Turbotax discount successfully applied

You’ll have a chance to preview your taxes and then use a service code at checkout when you review your order and pay:

Here’s how to enter a service code if one has been issued to you:

How to Use a TurboTax Service Code: (2019-2020)

TurboTax customer support may issue service codes directly over the phone for special circumstances.

Review return and use code when filing

How do I use a TurboTax service code?

  1. Login to turbotax.intuit.com and click the “take me to my return” button
  2. With your online return open, click “file.” It will tell you how many steps you have left to complete your return.
  3. Next, click the Review your order link
  4. At the bottom of the screen click the, “I have a service code” link
  5. Enter the 7-digit alpha-numeric code, and then click continue.
  6. Your discount should be applied
turbo tax service code working

If your service code or coupon is not working, here’s why:

Service Code or Coupon Not Working?

Why is my TurboTax discount not working? If you clicked on a promotional link or have entered a service code and the discount is not applied to your order total, hopefully, we can help.

The most common reason for TurboTax coupons to not work is due to the security measures on turbotax.intuit.com.

You see, your tax information is incredibly sensitive, so if you are logged in to your account, the site security will block cookies including ones that apply a discount to your order.

This means that people who have already started their tax return may have a problem applying a coupon.

The good news is that there should be a quick fix. Here’s what to do if your coupon or TurboTax Service code is not working:

  1. Log out of turbotax.intuit..com
  2. Click on our featured discount to apply a code
  3. Log back into the turbotax.intuit.com site and review your order
  4. You should see the lower price and a message that says, “Your discount has been applied”
  5. If the coupon is still not working, you may have to clear your browser cache or even delete your cookies (How?)

8 Partner Discounts for TurboTax in 2020:

Which affiliates offer partner discounts for TurboTax online products?

TurboTax has a number of partners who promote an affiliate discount to its members. Getting the discount simply requires logging in to your account and navigating to the respective promotion.

Here are popular partners who offer an affiliate discount on TurboTax:

  1. Students may qualify for significant education tax credits and deductions. Learn more.
  2. Military Discount: If you are a member of the Army or armed services, be sure to check out their free software for military members
  3. Costco: Are you a Costco member? If so, you can get a great price on Desktop Editions in-store, especially early in the tax season. Learn how
  4. AARP: If you’re a senior, you may be eligible for a special discount on TurboTax. Learn more.
  5. Self-Employed Discount – Working for yourself has a lot of benefits, including our TurboTax Self-Employed discount!
  6. AAA Members: Login to your account at aaa.com to see if AAA currently offers members a special discount
  7. Groups: Members of certain groups may also have access to a special discount for Turbo Tax Online including teachers, federal employees, Navy Federal, and Uber drivers
  8. People post promo codes on Reddit, but are they even real?


Turbo Tax tells us that they issue service codes to fewer than 1% of customers. That means for most of us the best discounts online for TurboTax can be found through partner sites including finance blogs (like Mighty Taxes!), banks, and trusted coupon sites like RetailMeNot or Groupon.

Although death and taxes are unavoidable, at least you can save big on TurboTax software when you use a coupon or partner discount!

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*When is Tax Day 2020? The deadline for e-filing your taxes in 2020 extended to 7/15/20

*This coupon page was created in 2017, and updated for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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  1. Jackson

    My service code wasn’t working (discount not showing up) so I logged out of turbotax.com, clicked on your coupon link again, then logged in again. NOW i see the discounted prices, thanks!

  2. Reagan

    I know you said that if you’re already logged in already the coupon mighty not get applied, but I’m afraid to log out; I don’t know my password off-hand for turbotax.com. (it’s on my home computer) Isn’t there a code I can just enter instead?

  3. kevin

    Reagan: Most customers don’t have to enter a TurobTax service code. The featured discount should be applied as soon as you click on one of the links above. Note that the best deals are early in the tax season, and the price usually goes up after March 15th.

  4. Laurie J.

    The “hack” for logging out and back in to TurboTax worked! Now Deluxe is $10 cheaper w/ the coupon. thanks

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    Thanks a lot for sharing the coupon. I used the 20% discount code for Deluxe, even though I’m filing my taxes late. found u from reddit. thanks!

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