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TurboTax for Military, USAA (Discount or File FREE!) • 2020

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TurboTax for military & USAA: Those who serve in the U.S. armed forces or are USAA members are entitled to file their federal and state taxes for free or at a discount with TurboTax..

TurboTax software is designed specifically for the specialized needs of military and USAA members, ensuring that they receive all the deductions they deserve.

To learn whether you qualify to get TurboTax for free or at a discount, see below:

TurboTax: Military Discount | Military Free | Military Edition | Who Qualifies? | USAA Discount | Veterans

TurboTax Military Discount

As an active member of the military you can file free in 2020:

turbotax military free 2020

TurboTax Military Discount

*Not active-duty military? USAA members, Veterans, and all others can get 10-20% off all editions of TurboTax here!

TurboTax Service Code for Military?

Getting a discount on TurboTax’s Military Edition does not require a service code. Just get started with the Military Edition and after you enter info including your rank and proof of active-duty, you will automatically qualify for the military discount.

Is TurboTax Free for Military?

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TurboTax makes its software available for free or at a discounted price for members of the U.S. military. So, which members of the military can file for free, and which ones get a discount?

Here’s how it works:

  • Free Federal & State eFile: If you are E1-E5 military, you should qualify for free federal and state filing with their Free Edition or Deluxe Edition.
  • Military Discount: Rank E6 and above qualify for at least a $5 discount on all federal tax preparation products including TurboTax Premier. (You may find that our exclusive discount is even better than the military discount!)

When you begin filing your taxes with TurboTax, Just use your military W-2 to verify your rank to get the appropriate discount.

How TurboTax for Military Works

Did you buy a new uniform, move, or travel? Turbo Tax guides you through the e-filing process with their custom interview process that ensures you get every deduction possible, and the maximum refund that you deserve. In fact, they guarantee it.

Here’s how Intuit tailors TurboTax Military Edition to fit the needs of Army, and U.S military members:

  • TurboTax files your military income and combat pay, plus your civilian income (if necessary)
  • Their software searches for specific military expenses including travel, and uniform upkeep
  • TurboTax supports PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders to quickly determine your state of residence, if applicable
  • Calculates BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) and BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence)

You can click here to learn more about the military discount or to get started on filing your taxes. You’ll have the option to click, “active duty,” and to flag income as military pay after entering your W-2.

*Military TurboTax has been offered every year including: 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. While the software evolved every year with our tax laws, it should continue to be available annually.

TurboTax Military: Who Qualifies As “Active Duty”

If you served in the National Guard or part-time in any of the 5 branches of the military, you may wonder if you qualify as active duty.

You qualify as “Active Duty” if you had orders for 90+ consecutive days of active service during the year. Note that military drills and AT don’t qualify as active duty.

TurboTax Service Code for USAA Members?

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Non-active duty military, veterans, reservists, and members of the USAA (United Services Automobile Association) can also get a great discount by using today’s featured TurboTax coupon or service code for 10-20% off all editions!

When you click, the discount is applied, and there’s no need to use a service code!

Tip: USAA members can also access TurboTax directly from the “Tax Forms & Information” section of the usaa.com website.

Discount for Veterans?

Does TurboTax offer a Veteran discount? TurboTax does not offer a discount specifically for Veterans or reservists who are not active-duty or USAA members. However, you can use the civilian discount here!

TurboTax Supports Our Troops: U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Veterans

TurboTax has teamed up with Operation Homefront to help support our troops and their families; pledging up to a million dollars to the effort with their “Mission2Match” program. They also have some great resources for the Military, including veterans, active duty, USAA, and reservists. They also have ample resources and tax tips for military personnel on their website.

Here at Mighty Taxes, we collect the best coupons and discounts online so that you get the best price on tax preparation software from industry leaders like TurboTax. Thanks for visiting, and especially thanks for your service to our county!

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