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TurboTax State: Download, Costs + How to eFile State Free • 2019

turbotax logo smallFiling State Taxes with TurboTax: After you complete your federal tax return, your information will automatically transfer into TurboTax State. This is convenient, as in most cases you should be well on your way to completing your tax return!

Here’s everything you need to know about using TurboTax to file your state taxes, including state downloadefile cost and how to file state free.

How to Download TurboTax State

If you are using any edition of TurboTax including Deluxe, Premier, Self-Employed, or Business, downloading State is easy, and there is no additional cost., as it’s included in the price of the software. In fact, you can download your state program directly from your TurboTax software. Here’s how:

  1. Open your tax return in Turbo Tax
  2. Under the Online menu, select Download State
  3. You’ll be asked to save
  4. Follow the instructions to select your state for download and installation
  5. If you have to file a return for additional state(s), just repeat the process

That’s it! When your federal tax return is complete, you’ll be taken successively to your state return for completion.

Filing State Taxes with TurboTax

After completing the federal portion of your tax returns, you’re probably weary from gathering info and entering in numbers. The good thing is that by the time you start State, the hard work should be behind you.

Here’s how TurboTax State works:

turbotax state

  1. Complete your federal tax return
  2. All relevant info and figures transfer to TurboTax State
  3. Just answer a few easy (hopefully!) questions
  4. Efile for your State refund. Done!

Throughout the process TurboTax State will display your tax savings, allowing you to see how each deduction affects your state refund. If you have any questions during the process, experts are available for answers.

Can you file state return only? No. TurboTax is designed to transfer information from your completed federal return to then complete your state return. For this reason it is not possible to file state return first or without first completing your federal return. Also, there is no standalone “TurboTax State” software.

Can I skip state & just file federal? Yes, you can delete your state return, file federal, and then return later to file state. If you don’t see the option to delete your state, it means you’ve already paid for TurboTax which includes the state fees.

TurboTax State eFile Cost:

turbotax state cost

While downloading State is free, it costs money to efile your state return unless you file early. Here are the State fees for TurboTax:

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Absolute Zero = Free State efile:

turbotax free file

Click to see if state efile is free today!

A lot TurboTax reviews complain about the cost of state efile as an unexpected fee. While most taxpayers will pay this fee, here’s how you can avoid it:

Can you efile state free? – Early in the tax season TurboTax runs a promotion called, Absolute Zero,” which includes free state filing. If you complete your federal and state tax return before March 15th state efile is free. However, after March 15th, you’re going to have to pay a fee for each state that you file a return for.

Can you file a second state free? – The same rules apply to additional state returns, which cost $34.99 per state after the Absolute Zero promotion ends.

Is there a free State File Hack or Code? – Unfortunately if you don’t beat the March deadline or meet any of the qualifications above, you’ll have to pay a fee to file your State taxes.There are no coupons or service codes available for free state efile. The only hack to for free state efile is to file early!

Questions About State eFile?

If it’s not clear how to file your State taxes for free with TurboTax, (or you don’t understand the State filing costs) leave a comment below, and hopefully we can help!

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