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Who Can You Claim As a Dependent on Your Taxes?

Who Can I Claim As My Dependent? Tax Deduction

Your dependents are usually are children of the people who support. This could be the kids living at home, or It could also be your kids home from college.

Sorry, helpless men (like the football-watching husbands wearing team jerseys on television commercials) can’t be claimed as dependents, even though they are useless and would die without you.

Claiming a Non-Relative as a Dependent on Your Taxes

Believe it or not, you may be able to claim a non-relative on your taxes. If you have a non-relative living with you, or provide support to them for over half the year, you may be able to claim them as a dependent.

Can You Claim a College Student As a Dependent

Does your child commute to college? College students who live at home for more than half the year may qualify as a dependent. Ask a tax professional about your specific situation if you are unsure.

Can I Claim My Dog or Cat as a Dependent?

dog dependent taxesEven though you may have a needy pet, you can’t claim them as a dependent.

In fact, try to give your pets a little space from now on.

If you are even asking whether you can claim pets as dependents, you probably have issues and odds are you’ve already psychologically damaged your pet.

If you own more than two cats, your odds have just doubled.

If you own more than five cats, your odds have just tripled.

I’ve Kidnapped Someone; Can I Claim Them As a Dependent?

Technically if your kidnapping victim has been with you for most of the year, they may qualify as a deduction. However, claiming them as a dependent will raise a red flag with the IRS, as well as the FBI.

How Much is the Tax Deduction for Dependents This Year?

The tax deduction for dependents this year is $3950.

Make Sure You Get All of the Deductions you qualify for, Including Your Dependents

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