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TurboTax Crypto Millionaire Commercial (Funny!)

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There’s been a recent spike in crypto investors which means a lot of people need to report capital gains and losses on their taxes.

TurboTax created this humorous commercial that shows what a lot of crypto investors have been through during the stomach-churning roller coaster ride of crypto prices including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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TurboTax Crypto Commercial:

*The Free Edition of TurboTax does not include the ability to report crypto gains or losses.

Crypto Holders: Part-Time Millionaires

I can really relate to this poor guy who goes from being a millionaire one day to being poor and humble the next. In fact, the Chainlink crypto that I bought is currently down about 80% from where it was a year ago!

Where will crypto be next year? That’s anyone’s guess, but if you make the right bet you could be a millionaire one day, too. (Not financial advice, haha!)

TurboTax & Crypto

Tax laws and regulations around cryptocurrency are changing quickly. In fact, they are changing so fast that accountants are having a hard time keeping up. That’s no problem for TurboTax as they have up-to-the-minute crypto tax laws and reporting requirements in their Premier and Self-Employed editions.

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