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H&R Block Tax Calculator + Free Refund Estimator! • 2023

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The H&R Block online tax calculator has been a popular way to estimate tax refunds for years, and can really help with financial planning. However, the calculator didn’t have the best user experience. So, H&R Block hired a prestigious tech-focused creative agency called, Code & Theory, to help them improve the tool.

The result was faster load times, a better interface, and more accurate refund estimates that rival the TurboTax calculator. You can check out the new calculator here at If you are filing with H&R Block we have some sweet coupons here. Read on to learn how the new tax calculator works:

How to Use the H&R Block Tax Calculator:

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Using the H&R Block refund estimator is now a lot easier and calculates a more accurate estimate of your refund. To use the tax calculator, follow these steps:

  1. View the calculator at
  2. Enter your filing status (single or married)
  3. Have your W-2 ready, if possible
  4. Answers questions about your life, taxable income, and expenses
  5. Get an estimate of your refund or how much you owe
  6. Optional: answer more questions about investments, dependents, etc. for a more accurate estimate
  7. If you’re filing with H&R Block online, use this discount for the best price!

That’s it! I think you’ll agree the new H&R Block calculator is a much better experience than the old one.

Tip: If you need to go back to a previous question, don’t use your browser’s “back” button or you’ll start over! Use the on-screen arrow in the calculator instead!

H&R Block + New Calculator = More Accurate Estimate!

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Sorry, I had to do a little math joke there. Oh, and I wish that was my federal tax refund!

Anyway, by using the H and R Block calculator, I was able to get a very accurate estimate of tax refund in just a few minutes. I invested a little more time for a more accurate calculation and dug out some info including capital gains on my investments and freelance income.

I hope the H&R Block calculator helps you get a better idea of your refund or what you owe the IRS so you aren’t surprised when you file.

If you aren’t using H&R Block to file your taxes, check out our exclusive discount on TurboTax here.

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