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About me:

Hi, I’m Missy, and this is my site!

MightyTaxes.com provides tax-related tips and commentary on tax-related news stories.

Remember that everyone’s tax situation is unique, so please consult with your accountant before acting on any of the advice, tips, or ideas on this website.

You can contact me at mwoodruf99(at)gmail.com, and I’ll get back to you asap. thanks! 

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2 thoughts on “About Mighty Taxes

  1. Patrick

    The South was wealthy; seeds, ground, produce of the ground. The Vatican used the North to create debt via mechanization … the south had to be brought into the debt fold ergo a war. same old Hittite strategy, with the Edomites…

  2. Patricia

    I somewhat agree about your post that slavery did not cause the Civil War in USA. My conclusion has been similar, money was the cause of the war. Taxes are money the residents pay. War is profitable in every way and expensive. So much to learn about the Civil War. I only scratched the surface of 3 years of researching this on my own. Richmond, VA


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