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25 (Often Overlooked!) Tax Deduction Ideas for Bloggers

Do you have a WordPress blog that generates income? More and more people are now making a living from blogging, and like any other professional, bloggers need to pay taxes on all of their blogging income. (yeah, there’s this whole death and taxes thing in this world!)  Bloggers have unconventional jobs, and can often work […]

H&R Block Adds IBM’s “Watson” – What AI Means for Taxes

H&R Block is known as the company that doesn’t just get your taxes done, they get them “won.” That is, at least according to one of their super catchy slogans. Hmmm… well, if taxes are a game to win, you could say they’ve hired a ringer to join their team. IBM’s AI whiz, “Watson.” So, […]

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How Do Taxpayers Pay for the Uninsured?

United we stand, divided we fall. Simplistic idea? Yes, but it’s one of the core principles that this country was founded on. When it comes to the healthcare issue, however, it seems that another founding principle has taken precedence over the “one for all and all for one” mentality. Free Enterprise. We live in the […]

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AAA TurboTax Discount: (Coupon) Get $20 Off Now!

AAA TurboTax coupon – Although it’s not normally tax-deductible, being a member of AAA has a lot of benefits. Besides roadside assistance, there are a plethora of discounts available for AAA members. While travel discounts, like hotels and rental cars, are well known, you can get discounts on numerous other items including tax software. The […]

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Salaries for Accountants & CPAs: Best (and Worst!) 15 States

Average salaries for accountants and CPA’s by state: Accountants are generally paid well when compared with other professionals with similar education requirements. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for accountants and auditors was $68,150 ($32.76 per hour) in 2016, and their salaries are expected to rise another 3.7% in 2017. […]