How Tax Evasion Toppled Al Capone (+ The Tax Man Who Nailed Him)

Al Capone & tax evasion: According to Hollywood, the man who brought down Al Capone was a plucky Prohibition agent by the name of Eliot Ness. Sure, Eliot Ness hunted Capone like a bloodhound, but he was on to the wrong scent Journalist Oscar Fraley wrote a book that made Ness famous through half-baked lies and […]

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The Lottery & Taxes + Why Uncle Sam Is Always the Big Winner

The lottery and taxes: Americans spend an average of $70 billion on lottery tickets every year, fueling the dream of becoming an instant millionaire, or even a billionaire!). Lotteries have existed since the fifteenth century and span across a variety of cultural traditions. You probably know how they work, but do you know how taxes work with a lottery win […]

Why Getting a Tax Refund Advance Loan is a BAD Idea

Instant tax refund loans are bad: Before the IRS implemented an e-file tax return system in the 80s it would take months to get a refund check. You had to wait for your file to reach the IRS through the mail, wait for them to process and vet the documents, and then wait for your […]

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TurboTax at Costco: Price + Coupon (Or, Should You Buy Online?)

Costco TurboTax vs. Online: If you’re a Costco member you are probably used to getting fabulous deals in bulk on just about everything. Come tax season you also undoubtedly see the aisles of the store lined with boxes of tax software on CD including TurboTax Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed (aka Home & Business) So, is it […]

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TurboTax Vanguard Discount Gone? It’s OK, Here’s a Similar Offer:

Has the TurboTax Vanguard Offer Ended? Vanguard customers were surprised to learn recently that investment giant has decided to end the popular TurboTax Vanguard discount that dropped the price of the popular tax software by up to $20. Customers will still be able to import tax documents to TurboTax from their Vanguard account and have […]

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AARP TurboTax Discount? Here’s How to Get the Best Deal

TurboTax discount for AARP members? AARP is America’s biggest nonprofit organization for the empowerment of men and women over age 50. AARP members enjoy a plethora of benefits in areas like travel, restaurants, entertainment, and health & wellness. A number of people have asked us whether AARP offers a discount on TurboTax software, so lets […]

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The 9 Weirdest Tax Relief Tips We Could Find

Weird tax deductions: Understanding the entire tax code is like trying to understand a religious text. At 10.1 million words and counting, the tax code has experts and laymen alike scratching their heads. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up and give the government all your money. While taxes might seem like a […]

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What Does the Rosetta Stone Say? (Hint: It’s Mostly About Taxes!)

The Rosetta Stone is mostly just a tax document: The Rosetta Stone is the most important Egyptian archaeological discovery of all time. It was first unearthed by Napoleon’s officers near the northern Egyptian town of Rosetta in 1799, and seized shortly after by British troops when they defeated the Napoleon in 1801. A year later […]