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How to Start Over on TurboTax: Clear Everything + $20 Off

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So, you’ve started your tax return with TurboTax, but now want to just clear everything and start over from scratch? As long as you haven’t submitted payment, it should be easy.

Here are instructions on how to quickly erase everything you’ve entered into TurboTax and start fresh with a clean slate.

TurboTax: How to Clear Everything and Start Over

Follow the steps below to clear all of your information and start over on TurboTax:

  1. Click to open your TurboTax online return
  2. Go to Tax Tools on the left menu
  3. Click and choose Clear and Start Over from the dropdown menu
  4. A popup will ask you to confirm that you want to start over
  5. Click, “Yes” and you’ll get a message saying, Your return has been cleared

Sometimes It’s Easier to Just Start Over!

“It’s time to spread our wings and fly
Don’t let another day go by my love
It’ll be just like starting over”

Starting Over, John Lennon

Did you make a mistake or enter the wrong data on your TurboTax return? Sometimes it’s just easier to start fresh instead of changing things one at a time.

Follow the steps above for a TurboTax tabula rasa. If you haven’t completed and filed your Federal return, you can use the featured promotion above for up to a $20 discount on TurboTax. In fact, a number of groups including Fidelity customers might also qualify for a special discount. You’ll find all of their offers here.

Not finishing your return with TurboTax because it isn’t free? We also have the best H and R Block key codes here.

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