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H&R Block Student Discount? Best Deal Now • 2023

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If you are filing your taxes online as a student or teacher, there are a couple of top names to consider. You’ll want tax preparation software that looks for every potential education deduction that you qualify for at the best possible price.

One top brand to consider is H&R Block which has a lot of features and resources for college students. If you are considering H&R Block, we can help you get the best deal or even file free. Here’s what you should know about the H&R Block student discount.

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H&R Block Discount for Students?

We did some research and although there is no specific H&R Block discount just for students, taxpayers of any age and educational status can take advantage of their featured offer for up to 30% off H&R Block online and download:

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H&R Block also offers students a lot of helpful resources including student tax tips, forms, and financial aid at their free student resource hub.

So, even though H&R Block doesn’t promote a unique discount for students, they are encouraged to use the one promoted by affiliates including Mighty Taxes.

If you aren’t sold on H&R Block, we also recommend TurboTax for students. You’ll also find a special discount here.

After College, Things Get Worse

I hope you’re able to get every educational deduction that you deserve and get the best price possible on your tax prep software. I also hope you also enjoy the endless cafeteria food, learning opportunities, and school spirit that college offers.

That’s because after college things can get a little depressing and stressful as you realize you’re on a dying planet being crushed by student loans, and your best years are behind you… but that’s another story.

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