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TaxAct Promo Codes, Deals for Deluxe+, Premier+, Self-Employed+ • 2021

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TaxAct download codes and deals: TaxAct calls themselves, “the best deal in taxes” for a reason. Best known for their free version, they also offer a suite of software editions for more complex taxes including Basic, Deluxe Plus, Premier Plus, and Self-Employed.

While you can no longer download their software for free, you can use a promo code or coupon to get a 10-30% discount on TaxAct!

Taxact Coupons: Best Now | Deluxe+ | Premier+ | Self-Employed+ | $20 Referal Bonus | Free State File?

Best TaxAct Promotion Codes, Deals Now:

How To Use a Promotion Code or Coupon:

TaxAct prides itself on being less expensive than tax Goliaths like TurboTax and H&R Block, who spend millions advertising their “supposedly free” software. Even though TaxAct isn’t free for most customers, you can get up to an extra 20% off when you use a coupon. Here are two ways to get a discount on your order at

  1. Use a Promo Code: To apply a discount you used to have to enter a code at checkout. Now they don’t, and most promo codes are issued directly from TaxAct to customers
  2. Instant coupons: No need to copy a coupon code, as discount pricing is applied when you click a promotional link or banner. After doing so, you should see the retail price crossed out and the coupon applied like this:
taxact coupon applied

Simple, right? I just had to delete the instructions about where to enter a promo code, because you really don’t need to enter one anymore!

What TaxAct coupon is best for 2019-2020? The best deal today drops the price of all TaxAct online editions by 20% including Basic, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed, (formerly “Plus,” “Premium” and “Freelancer”).

As you can see, the Self-Employed edition is sometimes not shown on the homepage. Here’s how to use a coupon for Self-Employed:

How to Use a TaxAct Self-Employed+ Discount Code:

taxact self employed discount code

Can I get a coupon for TaxAct Self Employed? Yes. Although Self Employed is not always shown prominently on the homepage with Deluxe and Premier, there’s usually a link underneath that says, “Self Employed.” You can get a 25% discount on Self Employed+ 2020 with this promotion code.

Deluxe+ Discount Code:

taxact self deluxe+ discount code

What’s the best deal on TaxAct Deluxe Plus? Save 25% on Deluxe+ 2020 by applying this promo code.

Premier+ Discount Code:

taxact premier discount code

What’s the cheapest way to buy TaxAct Premier? Get a 20% discount on TaxAct Premier+ 2020 with this promotion code.

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Refer a Friend to TaxAct, Get $20 Amazon Gift Card

This year TaxAct has a special promotion: refer a friend, and they’ll send you a $20 eGift card for Amazon. Here’s how it works:

taxact amazon gift card coupon

Discount Codes for Free State e-File?

The only way to avoid State filing fees is to file early! Look for a promotion early in the tax season that includes free State efile, but after approximately March 15th, these State fees are unavoidable, and there are no coupons that will waive the fee:

taxact state file fee

How much does TaxAct state filing cost? Here are TaxAct’s State filing fees:

  • TaxAct Free: $19.95
  • Basic Plus: $19.95
  • Deluxe Plus: $39.95
  • Premier Plus: $39.95

*Did you know you can often file your taxes for free if you are a student or member of the military? Some banks and groups (like Chase Bank and AAA) also offer deluxe versions of top tax software to their clients.

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More Tax Software Promotion Codes and Deals?

Not sold on TaxAct? Perhaps you’re bitter that they are no longer free, and recently increased their prices?

No problem! We have an exclusive discount from TurboTax for up to a 20% discount, as well as up to 35% off H&R Block and Quickbooks software (download or online).

In any case, good luck on your taxes this year!