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Best TaxAct Promotion Codes, Coupons for 2018

Best promotions for TaxAct online download: TaxAct calls themselves, “the best deal in taxes” for a reason. Best known for their free version, they also offer a suite of software editions for more complex taxes including: Plus, Freelancer, and Premium. Use a coupon or promotional code below for up to an extra 20%!

Using a Coupon or Promotion Code:

TaxAct doesn’t themselves, “the best deal in taxes” for no reason. Their regular prices are already lower than tax Goliaths Turbo Tax and H and R Block, but you can usually get up to an extra 20% off when you use a coupon.

While promotional codes are sometimes available, usually the best deals come from coupons like ours that don’t even require a code. Just click a promotional link, and the discount should be applied instantly like this:

using a taxact promotion code

Coupon applied!

Simple, right? The best deals drop the price of all TaxAct online editions including: Plus, Freelancer, and Premium, but you usually have to pay to file your state taxes.

Any Coupons for Free State e-File? 

The only current way to file your state taxes free is if you use their “Free” edition for simple taxes. This means that 1040EZ and 1040A filers can prepare and e-file both Federal and State taxes without paying a cent.

The bad news is that most of us have more complex tax situations which require one of their more comprehensive versions like the popular “Plus” edition.

If you do have to pay to file State taxes, it will cost you about $30.

Isn’t TaxAct Free? TaxAct Price Increase:

TaxAct made its name being “totally free,” but apparently good things don’t last. Actually, the cost of employing so many tax professionals to give away a product for free probably wasn’t a sustainable long-term business plan, so now they charge money but pride themselves on being the best deal.

Maybe that was the plan to begin with, as they amassed a loyal following of taxpayers who now probably stick with them, even if it does cost at least $30.

To help compensate, Tax Act now offers a price lock guarantee, which means that the price of filing your taxes won’t go up, even if you procrastinate and wait to complete your taxes. This sounds obvious, but there are a lot of complaints against the big names in the tax industry as they raise the price of their software as the tax deadline approaches.

*Did you know you can often file your taxes for free if you are a student or member of the military? Some banks and groups (like Bank of America and AAA) also offer deluxe versions of top tax software to their clients.

TaxAct: Still More “Free” Than Most

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion,” Albert Camus

Each tax software company touts it’s own free version, but most don’t end up being free. That’s because you have to meet certain qualifications, such as income level, (under $32k!?) to file for free. This is another reason for bad online reviews, as some people who start with a free version end up paying $100+ upon completion!

Ironically, it seems that paying to file your taxes may be unavoidable, like death and taxes!

In any case, it’s good to do your homework and determine which free tax software is best for you, or just spring for a deluxe version which might find more deductions and save you in the long-run. When you consider that a single missed deduction can cost you hundreds of dollars, paying for a premium version of tax software looks like a pretty good investment. (*TaxAct features their “deduction maximizer” in all versions) 

Not sure if you want to go with Tax Act? No problem, it’s good to be sceptical in this cynical world that we live in. Besides reading reviews, one way to get a feel for their company is to try out their free tax calculator (what’s the best free tax calculator?) which can help you estimate your refund with no commitment.