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H&R Block: Coupons, Deals for Software Download 2018

Today’s best H&R Block software & in-store deals: Download H&R Block software (formerly “Tax Cut”) to prepare your taxes and get up to 50% off when you use one of our featured coupons. Simple tax returns can download their FREE Version, (More Zero) or click to apply a promo code towards Basic, Deluxe, Premium, or Self-Employed editions:

Top H&R Block discounts for :

*H&R Block Offers 5% Refund Bonus Towards Gift Cards… read morenew – 2018

What’s the Best Coupon?

hr block coupon applied
We find and feature the best available coupon at the top of this page. The actual discount will vary seasonally, but look to get up to a 50% total discount on popular versions of their software including BasicDeluxe, Premium, and Self-Employed. Usually you don’t even need a code!

Where to Enter a Promo Code at

The good news is that new and returning customers no longer have to enter a code to get the discounts advertised on! You’ll get our exclusive discount just by clicking over to their site. So, save that typing and potential frustration for filing your actual taxes, because using a voucher is a snap.

If you have a code to enter, you’ll get a chance to enter it during checkout like this:

where enter coupon code hr block

This is also where you can enter an H&R Block key code for returning customers for up to $50 off.

If you’re using a coupon for in store, it will have a code on the actual printable coupon so that an associate can apply the $25 coupon. *In-office coupons are for new customers only.

Doh! H&R Block Promo Code Not Working?

hr block softwareBecause coupons are seasonal, the most common reason for a coupon to not work is due to seasonal timing. The best deals on all editions of their software are early in the tax season, but, unlike TurboTax, they do have a great discount (usually 15-20%) coupon available through the filing deadline.

Recently did away with most promotional codes, so you won’t have to worry about copying anything down. Their best discounts, like the promotions featured on this page, are now instantly applied when you click on a link, and work for new or returning customers. If you do find a code, make sure you don’t confuse zeros and ones, which is the most common mistake when entering one.

H and R Block (Software) Coupons for Mac / Apple users:

If you are on a Mac or Apple device like me, no worries. HR Block software will detect your operating system or allow you to easily choose “Mac” before purchasing any version of their software. Click here to get a discount on H&R Block for Mac

Should I File With their Free, “More Zero,” Version?

logo hr block topThe Free Edition is great for very simple tax returns only, like students. If you have investments or a mortgage, the Free Edition won’t get you all the deductions you deserve, and will end up costing you more in the long run. If you do own a house or stocks & bonds, consider their Deluxe tax software.

While the free Use H&R Block Free Edition only for simple, 1040EZ tax returns. This version is popular with single renters and students.

File With Basic, Deluxe, Premium, or Self-Employed? Hmmm…

h&r block versions coupon code

If it’s not obvious which version of H and R Block online (formerly called, “Tax Cut“) you should download, there’s a handy side-by-side comparison available as soon as you click over to, and it also applies a discount if you use one of our featured deals.

While all editions of their software allow you to import a W-2 or 1099, you’ll need specific versions if you have given to charity, inherited assets, or sold a home. Also, the good news is that now the pricing is the same for both new and returning customers.

Filing STATE tax returns? State Fees are Extra, and Excluded From Coupons

Deluxe, Premium, and Self-Employed (formerly called, “TaxCut Premium & Business”) all include one state program download with purchase, which is a $40 value.

If you’re trying to save money by going with the Basic or Free edition, you might actually get stuck paying more once you account for the cost of preparing your state taxes. Also note that all versions require an additional $19.95 fee to actually file your state taxes.

Thanks for checking out Mighty Taxes, and good luck this tax season!



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