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Quickbooks Student Discount | Online or Desktop: FREE Download

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Quickbooks for Students & Teachers: Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks, is dedicated to empowering students and educators. It’s in this spirit that the Intuit Education Program allows students and teachers to download Quickbooks Online or Desktop for free!

Read on to learn more about the student discount. If you qualify as a student or teacher, download a free student version of Quickbooks Online or Desktop at no cost. If you don’t qualify to download Quickbooks for free as a student, we also have Quickbooks 30-day free trials, plus Quickbooks coupons for a 20-50% discount here.

Free Quickbooks Online for Students & Teachers

Intuit provides free accounting software for U.S. students and teachers, including free Quickbooks Online. Students are eligible for free download and 1-year access to Quickbooks Online Plus, and teachers / educators receive a free, non-expiring license for Quickbooks Online for Accountants. Click below to get started!

Free Quickbooks Desktop for Students & Schools

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Just click “students” to register and download free or at a discount

Students, teachers, and schools can get a free version of Quickbooks Desktop Edition from Intuit. Here’s how:

  • Students can register for a free 5-month trial of Quickbooks Accountant Desktop
  • Schools and teachers are eligible for a free, non-expiring license of Quickbooks Accountant Desktop

*Note that the non-expiring licenses are for school computer labs, and desktop computers in classrooms only. Quickbooks Desktop can’t be downloaded and installed to a student’s computer or device

Do You Qualify for Quickbooks Student Discount?

To qualify for the Quickbooks student discount, students must belong to one of the following academic institutions:

  • An accredited primary or secondary school
  • Public or private university or college
  • School district or board of education
  • Accredited public or private school providing full-time instruction for students in grades K-12
  • Public or private college or university including community college, junior college, or vocational school

*Students can also get a free or discount WSJ subscription! or up to 250 free business cards!

More Student Discounts from Intuit

Besides providing access to Quickbooks student discount, we have a number of other accounting and tax software coupons for college students and teachers including TurboTax for Students.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with that whole student debt thing! (Oh, and sorry about the environment!)

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