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Jackson Hewitt Promo Codes, Coupons, Specials: Up to $75+ Off • 2021

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Jackson Hewitt promotion codes & specials: As a leading tax preparation service, Jackson Hewitt offers both in-person and online tax prep options for your federal and state taxes. Jackson Hewitt asks all of the right questions, ensuring that you get your maximum refund.

However, the best part might be that you can get up to a $75 discount when you use the coupons and promo codes below!

Top Jackson Hewitt Discounts & Specials:

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Federal File: $25!
All filers and tax situations. Federal + $24 State file. Wow! Click to view this promotion...Show More
All filers and tax situations. Federal + $24 State file. Wow! Click to view this promotion at jacksonhewitt.com: Show Less

JH Now Guarantees That You Get the Biggest Refund:

Competition is brutal in the online tax preparation space! With TurboTax (view specials) and H&R Block (view specials) both now guaranteeing to get you a bigger refund, Jackson Hewitt seemingly has no choice but to enter the fray. But, JH has raised the bar. They now not only promise a bigger refund, but they will pay you $100 if they don’t!

Wow, so what could be better than that? How about a $75 coupon:

Jackson Hewitt Coupon for $75 Off:

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Well, saying that there is a coupon for $75 off Jackson Hewitt is a bit misleading, as all tax returns are different and the cost varies. However, the best promo code will get you 25% off, or up to a $75 total discount on your Deluxe, Premier, or Self-Employed Federal & State return. Not bad!

Jackson Hewitt Switch & Get $100?

Looks like Jackson Hewitt is not promoting their “switch and get $100 promotion” so far this year. The good news is that they now have a promotion to file Federal and unlimited State taxes for only $49. That’s a $75+ savings!

However, if they do add the “switch and get $100” promo, we will add it immediately to our featured coupons.

Look for the 50 Off Coupon! (Deluxe, Premier)

At certain peak times during the tax year Jackson Hewitt offers an amazing 50% off coupon for its online tax software:

jackson hewitt 50 off coupon

If a promo code is needed, here’s where to enter it:

Using a Promo Code or Coupon:

Where do you enter a promo code at jacksonhewitt.com? Actually, for most specials you don’t need to enter a promotion code at all, and the discount is applied instantly like this:

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As you can see, the retail price is crossed out, and the new, discounted price is prominent. Sometimes you may even be able to stack the savings from a promo code on top of another special to save even more than $75! However, this is more likely early in the tax season as the promotion codes dry up in April.

2020 Update: Now You Can Get Your Refund Faster:

Do you need your Federal refund now, and don’t want to wait weeks to get it? Consider prequalifying for Jackson Hewitt’s new offer to get your $1000-7000 refund advance.

Ok, that’s all. If you have a special or promotion code that you’d like to share, please drop us a comment below!