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Quickbooks Checks or Online: Coupons & Discount Codes • 2019

Coupons for Intuit Quickbooks Online and Checks: Over 4 million customers choose Quickbooks for their small business and personal accounting needs. In fact, Intuit’s Quickbooks helps customers find an average of over $4,000 in tax savings a year.

Speaking of finances, we can help you save even more with our Quickbooks discount codes, deals, and free trials. Try Quickbooks Online free for 30 days, or use a coupon for a 20-50% discount on Quickbooks Pro, PremierOnline, Self-Employed, or for checks!

*Intuit: We also have discount codes for 10-20% off TurboTax here, or 25% off Jackson Hewitt!

Intuit: Coupons for Checks or Quickbooks Online?

using quickbooks coupon

Although Intuit makes both checks and Quickbooks Online software, (Premier, Payroll, Plus, Pro, Enterprise, etc) they are two different websites. That means that even though both sites are part of intuit.com, they have different coupons and discount codes. Here’s how it works:

Quickbooks Checks: Using a Discount Code:

Quickbooks checks are extremely popular with small business owners, but they can be expensive! Always use a discount code at checkout to get the best price. Here’s how:

First, enter your personal info for the checks, and then add them to your shopping cart. Click the shopping cart icon, and you’ll get a screen like this:

quickbooks checks discount_code
Quickbooks hides where to enter a discount code!

That’s tiny! Are they trying to hide the option to enter a coupon code?

If you aren’t looking for a place to enter a Quickbooks discount code, you’ll miss it! As you can see, there is a small link under your subtotal that asks, Have a discount code?” 

Click that, and you’ll get a pop-up window to enter a code like this:

enter discount code popup

Click to apply the discount code, and if it’s valid you’ll get a confirmation message that says, “Discount code applied,” like this:

quickbooks discount code applied

That’s it!

Discount code not working? Remember that coupon codes are not transferrable on different parts of the Intuit site. In other words, the discount codes that works for checks won’t work towards software. Here’s how using a coupon for Quickbooks Online works:

Quickbooks Online Discount: (Plus, Simple Start, Essentials, Self-Employed, Premier, Payroll)

Using a coupon towards Quickbooks Small Business or Self-Employed software is a snap. In most cases you will not need a discount code, as the savings will be applied as soon as you click a promotional link like this:

quickbooks apply coupon
Quickbooks discount applied!

As you can see, the retail price of the software is crossed out and the new, discounted price is highlighted. That discounted price will renew for either 3 or 6 months, depending on the promotion. Simple, right? 

This is how coupons work for Quickbooks Plus, Essentials, Simple Start, Premier, Payroll, and Self-Employed. Quickbooks coupons are valid online only, and are not printable.

Not ready to buy their software yet? That’s OK. There is a 30-day free trial available for all versions of Quickbooks. Here’s how the free trial works.

Quickbooks from Intuit: What’s the Best Coupon or Discount to Use?

Here are the best coupons, depending on whether you are buying checks or Quickbooks online:

  • Quickbooks checks: Look for a 20% off discount code! This coupon is good towards all checks including: Standard, Voucher, and Wallet.
  • Quickbooks Online: We often have a coupon for 50% off Plus, PremierSelf-Employed, Payroll, and Essentials! This coupon is good towards the first 3-6 months of your subscription

We update our coupons as soon as new deals or promotions are announced, so please bookmark MightyTaxes.com for the best coupons for Quickbooks, TurboTax, and H&R Block!

More about Quickbooks from Intuit: Quickbooks (Mac or PC) is loaded with features for small businesses and accountants, and with our discount it’s pretty cheap. Here are highlights of the top features of Quickbooks:

  • Track mileage
  • Track income & expenses
  • Maximize tax deductions & refunds
  • Create invoices & accept payments
  • Run reports
  • Send estimates
  • Track sales and sales tax
  • Track inventory and bills
  • Manage and pay employees, and much more!

Not sure which version is best for you? You can compare Quickbooks Online & Desktop editions here at quickbooks.intuit.com.

Need help? You can find tutorials for Quickbooks on Intuit’s website. Thanks for dropping by!