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TurboTax Premier Cost + Best Discount (Free?) • 2023

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TurboTax Premier is one of their most popular editions, and best for taxpayers with investments including stocks, crypto, or rental properties. Premier searches for hundreds of potential deductions ensuring that you get every dollar back that you deserve. Premier guides you step-by-step through the filing process and auto-imports your investment activity for the most accurate calculations possible.

How much does TurboTax Premier cost? The amount that you’ll pay for Premier depends on a few things including when you file, which promotion you use and whether you’d like to pay for the personal attention of LIVE.

Here’s TurboTax Premier pricing for 2023, how to get the best discount (or for free?) online plus whether it’s really worth the extra expense.

TurboTax Premier: Pricing | Best Discount | Free Premier? | Worth It?

TurboTax Premier Pricing:

turbotax premier price

Here’s how much Premier costs online with the best discount applied:

  • Premier DIY edition $89 $54
  • Premier LIVE edition: $179 $124
  • Premier LIVE Full Service $369 $314
  • Premier Download CD: $115 $105

As you can see, the extra help from a tax professional included with LIVE editions adds significantly to the total expense but might be a good investment for your needs. We applied our exclusive discount to these prices, and list all the best service codes here.

TurboTax Premier Discount:

You won’t get the best price on Premier by going to turbotax.intuit.com or buying Premier in a box at a store like Costco. Here’s the best online deal for TurboTax Premier:

3 Top TurboTax Premier Discounts Now:

  1. $20 off Premier with code: TURBOTAX20
  2. $15 off with code: PREMIER15 (exp.)
  3. TurboTax premier 2022 best price file before Feb. 20th

Is TurboTax Premier Free? (2022, 2023)

The Premier Edition of TurboTax is not free to the public. However, there are two ways that Premier could be free for you:

  1. Your bank or financial institution could provide Premier free to preferred clients
  2. You may qualify to get Premier for free as a member of the military

TurboTax does have a Free Edition, but it is only for simple tax situations. Free lacks important features like reporting investments and searching for deductions that are included in Premier.

While Premier is not free, you can access some free features on turbotax.intuit.com such as their free tax calculators. Since you probably have to pay for TurboTax Premier, let’s talk about the features to help decide whether it’s worth the money.

Is TurboTax Premier Worth the Cost?

Premier is loaded with features and rated highly, but whether it’s the best edition for you and worth the cost depends on your unique tax situation.

Here are the 7 top features of TurboTax Premier:

  1. Auto-Import Investment Info: TurboTax Premier can quickly import investment info from your bank or financial institution
  2. Deduction Finder: Premier searches over 350 potential tax deductions to make sure you don’t overpay a dollar more than you owe
  3. Accurate reporting: Premier can import the sale of investments like stocks, bonds, and crypto and quickly calculate capital gains or losses
  4. Find your cost basis: Premier makes it simple to find the purchase price for any stocks, bonds, or other investments that you’ve sold
  5. Refinancing deductions: If you refinanced, Premier walks you through deducting refinance expenses like points and appraisal fees
  6. Rental Income: Report income from your rental properties and determine fair market rent value and depreciation
  7. Guidance for Homeowners including mortgage interest, property taxes, and more

While it may be unpleasant to pay to file your taxes with Premier, consider that the average cost to have an accountant file them is now about $275 for itemized tax returns. So, if you use Premier to prepare and file your taxes, you’ll probably save a lot of money.

TurboTax Premier’s price tag may seem daunting, but consider that a single missed deduction can cost you hundreds of dollars. For this reason, be sure that you are getting the right software for your tax situation, even if it means paying a bit more with premium software from a top name like TurboTax or H&R Block.

Filing With Premier? Tips From TurboTax:

If you have investments and are filing with Premier, TurboTax has some tips for you:


If you have investments but no income from self-employment then Premier is probably the best edition of TurboTax for your needs. While you can’t get Premier for free online, at least we can give you pricing info and TurboTax premier best price for 2022 and 2023.

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