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TurboTax Service Codes on Reddit? Best Deal in 2021-2022

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A lot of people post TurboTax promo codes (aka service codes) on Reddit. Are these codes the best way to get a discount on your order at turbotax.intuit.com, or just a waste of time?

Here’s what you need to know about using a TurboTax service code from Reddit.com:

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TurboTax Service Codes on Reddit?

Service codes are issued directly by TurboTax support and are intended for use by specific customers. However, sometimes you can find them posted on Reddit.com like this:

reddit turbotax service code

So, is this the best way to get a discount on your order? Probably not!

We have tried many of the service codes posted on Reddit in 2021-2022, and have still not found a single one that works! Why is that?

Tip: We do not recommend using TurboTax service codes from Reddit, as they do not pertain to your specific order or account, and are therefore probably invalid.

It seems that most Reddit users who claim to be posting service codes are simply posting an affiliate link in an attempt to get credit for your purchase of TurboTax. Let’s look closely at the so-called “service codes” on Reddit:

reddit service codes 2020

As we mentioned, service codes expire on Oct. 15th of the year they were issued, so anything posted in 2021 is clearly expired or invalid.

As you can tell, the other links don’t include a code of any sort, and it seems like they are just trying to get you to click on their affiliate link.

Conclusion: Skip TurboTax Promo Codes on Reddit!

So, my advice is to skip Reddit service codes, and just click a sanctioned discount including ours or one of the other partner discounts that you qualify for!

These include discounts from financial institutions like Vanguard and Bank of America as well as through organizations like AAA, AARP, or USAA.

Students can file free or at a discount as long as they are currently taking classes and meet a few qualifications. Of course, we’re also happy to share our discount with you, too!

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