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TurboTax Service Code on Reddit? Here’s $20 Off! • 2023

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A lot of people post TurboTax codes on Reddit. Are these codes the best way to get a discount on tax software or just a waste of time?

Here’s what you should know about TurboTax service codes on Reddit, plus a better way to get the best discount now.

Find a TurboTax Service Code on Reddit?

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Tip: Service codes are for one-time use, and issued directly to TurboTax customers by an agent. If it’s posted on Reddit, it’s not going to work!

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As you can see, all of the TurboTax codes I found on Reddit were expired or just clickbait. I have to assume folks post these codes on Reddit hoping to get some kind of referral credit, or maybe even just a click over to their website.

History of TurboTax Codes on Reddit:

I first started looking for TurboTax service codes on Reddit more than a decade ago. Actually, Reddit started in 2005 when two college roommates from the University of Virginia had a discussion about how difficult it was to find interesting content on the internet. So, they talked about creating a platform where people could share and discover new and interesting content easily.

The name “Reddit” is a play on the phrase “read it,” as in, “I read it on Reddit.” The reddit.com website was initially launched as a simple link-sharing platform, where users could submit links to interesting articles, images, promo codes, and other online content. Other users could then vote on the links, with the most popular content rising to the top of the site.

Reddit has grown into one of the largest and most active online communities in the world, with millions of users. It has also become’s also a popular place for affiliates of brands like TurboTax to post coupons and referral codes in the hopes of traffic or even commissions from purchases. That’s probably the reason why you see these unreliable TurboTax codes on Reddit so often.

Better Than Reddit Codes:

Are TurboTax service codes on Reddit legit? My advice is to skip Reddit codes, and just click a sanctioned discount including ours or one of the other partner discounts that you qualify for!

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These include discounts from financial institutions like Vanguard and Bank of America as well as through organizations like AAA, AARP, or USAA. In fact, you can see a whole list here.

Also, students can file for free or at a discount as long as they are currently taking classes and meet a few qualifications. Of course, we’re also happy to share our discount with you, too!

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