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Netflix, Airbnb, & Uber Throw Fuel on the Greek Economic Tragedy

Already crushing tax rates keep going up in Greece as a major condition of their bailout deal with the European Central Bank. In fact, as a condition of their bailout agreement with the ECB, sales tax in Greece just rose to a whopping 24%. As if this isn’t bad enough for Greek business, internet-based companies […]

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Concierge Medicine: Is It Tax Deductible?

Is concierge medical care a tax deduction? As our healthcare system becomes more bloated and inefficient, the cost of health care seems to keep going up, while the quality is going down. That’s why a lot of people are opting for “concierge” healthcare for a more personal experience. Getting more quality attention and face time […]

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What Is Form 1095-C, and Do You Need It to File Your Taxes?

What Is for 1095, & Should You Care? You probably got form 1095 sent to you in the mail, and you might be wondering whether you need it to file your taxes this year. Form 1095 is a new component of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for the 2015 tax year. Form 1095 details […]

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Didn’t File a Tax Return Due to Low Earnings? File & You Might Get a $600 Refund

Did you know that every year the IRS reports nearly a million people don’t file their taxes because they think they don’t make enough money? Check out this video from TurboTax for tips on getting a refund from previous un-filed taxes, and qualifying for the Earned Income Tax Credit: The Average Tax Refund for Non-Filers […]