how long until irs refund check arrives

When to Expect Your IRS Refund: How Long Will it Take?

How long it takes to get your tax refund: So, you got your taxes filed before the April deadline? Nice! The average refund check from the IRS is for about $3100, so hopefully the IRS is going to write you a fat check. So, when should you expect your IRS refund check in the mail, […]

salvation army donation tax deduction

Salvation Army Tax Deduction Tips: Donation Guidelines, Lists, & Limits

Salvation Army Tax Deduction Tips: As you think about preparing your taxes (or at least finding all of those receipts you shoved somewhere in a box to take to the accountant), it’s never too soon to think about tax-deductible charitable donations for 2017’s taxes. For those who itemize their deductions, charitable donations to organizations like the […]

tax software cost deduction

Are Tax Preparation Fees & Tax Prep Software Expenses Deductible?

Writing off tax preparation fees and the cost of tax prep software like TurboTax: Whether you buy software to file your taxes or pay a professional to prepare them, there’s always expenses involved in filing your taxes. So, can you deduct the cost of tax software or paying a tax professional from your taxes? The answer […]

jock tax pro athletes

The JOCK TAX: How Pro Athletes Pay Extra State Taxes on Away Games

The Jock Tax: An Extra Tax on Prop Athletes: When the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots qualified for this year’s Super Bowl, players on both teams an obvious reason to celebrate their collective achievements that got them to the championship game in Houston. They also got lucky because Texas is one of only 4 states […]

tax deductible best breast cancer charities

5 Best Breast Cancer Charities to Donate To (That Are Tax Deductible!)

The best breast cancer charities to donate to that are tax deductions: When we donate to charity, we’d like to think that nearly all of our money is used to help people, fund research, and find cures. That’s why you give it, right? So wouldn’t it frustrate you to think that instead of going towards the cause you support, your money […]